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Your needs and the manufacturability are top priority for our team of experts. CAD-CAM 3000: diverse engineering services supported by simulation and optical measurement for an optimum solution.

How can we help you?

We are aware that different sectors are faced with diverse challenges. The members of our team can help You and Your Company with diverse solutions as specialists of different engineering areas.

  • termektervezes-hero

    Product Design

    Only a block scheme is available yet, or are there only a few small steps left to do? We join the procedures as reliable partners wherever and whenever you need us to do so.

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  • reverse-engineering

    Reverse engineering

    Effective remodelling for geometry or for modified manufacture? You can also count on our team in the case of complex surfaces.

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  • 3D Optical Measurement

    Would you like to know why produced pieces don’t fit? Would you like to ascertain that the parts have been produced according to the design? Most of the parts or tools can be measured with our 3D optical measurement device.

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  • vegeselemes-szimulacio

    Finite Element Simulation

    We help you optimize parts with stress and fluid mechanics analyses, as we are aware that lowering production costs, and increasing load bearing capacities and reliability are key to success.

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  • Tool design and special purpose machine design

    Sheet metal cutting, blanking, bottle blowing, punching, riveting, foaming, vacuum forming or injection moulding? You can count on our team when it comes to designing tools, special purpose machines or special purpose equipment.

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  • Prototype construction

    Product design is more effective with prototypes! Emerging production, assembly or operation issues are quickly localised with cost-effective and short term prototype production.

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  • We cooperated in various projects with the team. Although the construction industry is not the main area of CAD-CAM 3000, they were brilliant at understanding our difficulties and challenges, and they had excellent ideas during their contribution.

    Dr. Toldy Gábor Chief Operating and Production Officer - Baumetall Design Kft.
  • Together with CAD-CAM 3000, we worked on the prototype of such a device which was a modified version of an already existing product. As the first step, we shared our broad ideas with CAD-CAM 3000, with regard to the desired functionalities and performance. As the second step, we specified those components which required modification. CAD-CAM 3000 arranged for the modifications of the already existing drawings on the basis of the instructions and they also optimized the new shapes for the best aesthetic outcome. They perfectionized this re-design with regard to the fabrication of the new components, displaying considerable knowledge.
    It was easy to get in touch with them, in order to discuss and check up on their suggestions, and we also managed to complete the task in time. They travelled personally to Italy, in order to discuss the most challenging items and to assemble the prototype. We were satisfied with their assistance and we will count on them in our future projects, too.

    Corrado Cecchini Thermal Insulation Manager - Global Technology Food Preservation, Electrolux
  • We coopreate with CAD-CAM 3000 since 2014. The technical know-how, skills and willpower of the team has enabled them to get acquainted with this concrete field of the industry as fast as possible. Their software knowledge is excellent and it is extremely easy to plan the projects with their help. The communication between our participating colleagues and the team of CAD-CAM 3000 is as efficient as possible at all times. Due to the weekly meetings, project planning is a walk in the park.

    Kubicsek Károly Project leader - Knaus Tabbert Kft.
  • We have been using the pneumatically controlled foaming jig designed by CAD-CAM 3000 Ltd. for more than one and a half years for the manufacture of our 70 l and 90 l absorption chillers.

    Since then, we have not had any scraps, shutdowns or accidents. What else can I say? This tells everything.

    Kiss Zoltán Head of Technology - DOMETIC Zrt.
  • After daring to dream big about a glass barrel-spiral composition floating around a one-meter big steel sphere, curved in every millimetre – I found the CAD CAM 3000 team.

    They immediately undertook the adventure with me…

    Implementing a form based on refined geometry in material – without attractive and sensitive static design collaboration – would have remained a mere illusion for me.

    However, along the conscientious engineering work of Róbert and Árpád, I felt safe throughout.

    They had a sharp sense of my ideas, which stretched the physical possibilities in countless cases, and always kept the project with clever, sober arguments — keeping in mind the importance of the sight — in the sure bed of feasibility.

    In collaboration with CAD CAM 3000, my glass-metal space sculpture called “COHESION” came to life in Örkény, which was presented on the anniversary of National Unity and the Treaty of Trianon.

    In a unique collaboration of artistic concept and thoughtful, thorough, precise, engineering work…

    Grateful thanks!

    Eleonóra Balogh Ferenczy Noémi Prize winner glass artist

Outstanding tools for an ideal outcome

We create memorable solutions with the help of the best of CAD design software and our reliable FEM stress analysis software.

  • Creo Parametric
  • SolidWorks
  • Creo parametric
  • Solid Edge
  • Blender
  • GOM

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